Renewal on the Horizon


amidst the broken-down dreams

of a nation bereft of its heritage and pride,

amongst the scattered ruins of a once thriving

society of angels and men, seeking harmony,

lies the spark within, the light of renewal

that will bring home the downtrodden,

who still carry faith in their hearts,

and walk with the strides of righteousness,

alongside the saints of olden times,

who have not forgotten their G-d above,

nor their moral responsibilities below

on an earth that teeters and totters,

reels and shakes from the revolution

of an immense proportion

that spins the globe into chaos.

In the distant future,

when the angels fly overhead,

we will be lifted into the air,

only to be resettled in Paradise.

© 2022 all rights reserved

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Author: Tzvi Fievel

My focus is on the synthesis of psychology, religion, and writing. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English. Additionally, I hold a certificate in Rubenfeld Synergy (psychophysical re-education).

7 thoughts on “Renewal on the Horizon”

    1. Righteous in G-d’s eyes, according to His expectations. Religion may convey these truths; yet, not all who claim to be religious follow. I think of it this way: Life is a test. The answers have already been given, inasmuch that G-d’s expectations of mankind have already been made known, in like manner that a teacher prepares a class for an exam. Yet, life is infinitely more challenging than a set of questions on an exam. Nobody is perfect; yet, G-d forgives. In actuality, it is more challenging to do good, than to give in to being less than the ideal image of goodness.
      So, what I mean to convey is, that at least for myself, I find striving towards righteousness quite the challenge. Yet, I trust G-d’s standard, and His discernment in regard to defining righteousness. If His expectations were easy to fulfill, then there would be no great reward. Several passages come to mind as well, that point toward the understanding that those who appear to be important in this world, will be considered insignificant in the World-to-Come; and, those who appear to be insignificant in this world, will be regarded as important. Perhaps, it can be inferred from this adage that outward appearances of righteousness do not necessarily indicate inner righteousness. I apologize for this lengthy response; and, I would only characterize my rambling as “food for thought.”


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