Serene Dream

The luminous glow

of light upon my latte,

as cinnamon and nutmeg

wafts into my nostrils,

as I inhale the steam,

rising from my latte.

Matcha and almond milk,

flavored with a hint of vanilla.

Umai, ocha ga daisuki desu.


I’ve been drinking 5-7

cups of matcha each day,

while writing, reading, and exercising

in my small cave-like apartment,

akin to a monk’s cell,

and I imagine myself as

a Jewish contemplative,

in lieu of being able to live

in the sacred city of Tzfat.


Otherwise, I picture myself

in seiza position on the wooden floor

in quiet contemplation of G-d.

I gravitate toward composing poetry,

reach into the depth of my innermost self,

as revealed to me by the light Above.

And, continually seek a tranquil mind,

If only for a moment,

upon the breeze in my dreams,

when everything else is serene.

dVerse prompt


Author: Tzvi Fievel

I have B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, and a second B.A. in English from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, I hold a certificate in psychophysical re-education from the Rubenfeld Center. My third area of academic interest is ecology. My spiritual journey, through many transitions, led me back to the Judaism of my youth, wherein my path culminated in taking the yoke of Heaven upon myself.

6 thoughts on “Serene Dream”

  1. You’ve painted a very serene picture–it calmed me just reading it. And the scents of vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon are among my favorites. They sort of awaken and calm at the same time. Thank you for joining in!

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  2. I enjoyed the way you played with alliteration and assonance in: ‘luminous glow / of light upon my latte’ and the flavours and aromas you evoke with the ‘Matcha and almond milk, flavored with a hint of vanilla’. We all need seclusion, time and space for contemplation. Some people just don’t know it. Let’s be glad we do.

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