Day 1 – I forgot my charger. I have two cords, no charger.
I had thought to bring an extra cord along for anyone who might be in need; yet, I needed to borrow a charger for myself.  Finally learned what the building is across the street, some distance from the train station in Albuquerque. A local entrepreneur’s old house, a mansion, where Gertrude Zachary lived; now, the Turquoise museum.

Day 2 – In trying to call my cousin from Chicago Union Station, ten minutes before boarding my next train, I was approached by someone who first asked for eight dollars for a train he needed to catch; then, after I explained that I only had $16.00, and needed to purchase an  $11.75 ticket in Newark, N.J. to my destination, he began to ask me questions such as the following:

Are you an Orthodox Jew? Are you Ashkenazi? What do you think of Sefardi Jews? Do you know that the Ethiopian Jews are treated like second class citizens in Israel? I asked him whether or not he was an activist, because he also brought up the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. That conversation didn’t last much longer; and, besides, I needed to catch the train. I thanked G-d for sending someone to test my patience.

Day 3 – I met a Litvish Jew on the way to Pittsburgh; and, on the train to Newark, N.J., I met a Chabad bochur who studies at the yeshiva in Crown Heights. (He was sitting across the aisle from me). He happens to know the chazzan (cantor), where I attend services in the Southwest. Small world, so to speak, when the Almighty arranges these divine coincidences.


Author: Tzvi Fievel

I have B.A. in Psychology from Temple University, and a second B.A. in English from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, I hold a certificate in psychophysical re-education from the Rubenfeld Center. My third area of academic interest is ecology. My spiritual journey, through many transitions, led me back to the Judaism of my youth, wherein my path culminated in taking the yoke of Heaven upon myself.

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