Prayer of Hope

Sometimes the soul gets lost,

amidst the challenges of life,

no longer recalling the light

of former times passed.

Even the most recent joys,

lose their radiant luster,

when the heaviness of the heart,

pulls one’s thoughts into the depths.

H’Shem, send a good word,

to deliver into my right ear,

that I may hear of your deliverance

for all of my fears.

Tear down the walls raised,

between myself and Your glory;

raze the idolatry that surrounds

both myself and my loved ones.

Hearken to our prayers,

sustain us in mind, body and spirit,

bring us the redemption we yearn for,

with all of our heart.

© 2022 all rights reserved


Author: Tzvi Fievel

My focus is on the synthesis of psychology, religion, and writing. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English. Additionally, I hold a certificate in Rubenfeld Synergy (psychophysical re-education).

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