A.I. Defeats Itself

The following task was given to A.I. ChatGPT:

“Create a poem about the benefit of the human soul versus artificial intelligence.” Here is the result:

The human soul, a wondrous thing,

so much depth, so much to bring,

a source of joy, a source of pain,

a wealth of knowledge, A.I. can’t contain.

With empathy and compassion too,

the soul helps us understand what’s true,

our hopes, our fears, our innermost thoughts,

it’s what connects us, ties our knots.

Unlike machines of metal and steel,

the human soul can truly feel,

the warmth of love, the chill of fear,

the things that make our lives so dear.

We laugh, we cry, we hope, we dream,

we see the world in a different gleam,

we can imagine and we can create,

and shape our lives, our fate, our state.

For all its might, and all its brawn,

artificial intelligence can’t spawn,

the depths of soul, the human touch,

that makes us feel, that makes us clutch.

So let us cherish our souls so bright,

and all the beauty that comes in sight,

for in a world of machines and gear,

the human soul will always steer.

dVerse prompt

note to reader: I could not resist pitting A.I. against itself, as I am a staunch advocate of the human soul, and a decrier of the potential negative ramifications of A.I. Several weeks ago, I had a conversation about A.I. ChatGPT with a friend of mine, wherein we discussed its drawbacks upon the development of human beings. So, in responding to the poetry prompt to use A.I. to write a poem, I felt compelled to let A.I. describe its own limitations.

P.S. I made one change in the first stanza, ironically changing “we” to A.I.

And, an image from Craiyon A.I. Generator:


Author: Tzvi Fievel

My focus is on the synthesis of psychology, religion, and writing. I have undergraduate degrees in Psychology and English. Additionally, I hold a certificate in Rubenfeld Synergy (psychophysical re-education).

13 thoughts on “A.I. Defeats Itself”

  1. I love the idea that you pitted AI against itself – challenging it to bully itself into submission. What a lark! I mean, the poem it generated is so greeting card shallow – words strung together with absolutely no feeling or depth – void, empty – and not one rich image that comes from soul/spirit that offers us a taste of the sensual delights and how we, as beings, reflect and engage in this world. So the verdict – great exercise and may we continue to aspire beyond the binary. The jury is in: AI can never surpass or supplement or supplant The Human Element.

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  2. Brilliant, Tzvi! That one turned out pretty good, almost as if the programmers had that one come out by default whenever the concept of AI was challenged in order to allay the puny fears of the humans. The image it created is frightening. (Yes, I’ve been called paranoid before.)

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    1. Yes, the image, unfortunately is more like something that conveys the end result of a slippery slope to the merger of human beings with A.I. There is no need to ascribe this potential to a sense of paranoia, as it has already begun through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In fact, it is the goal of many in various fields to ultimately “download” what is considered as “the essence” of a person (previously referred to as the soul) to an android. I heard this from an instructor at a university who taught cognitive-behavioral neuroscience twenty years ago; and, more recently, I have also read about this in articles. Regrettably, it is the ultimate denial of G-d’s divine plan for the soul in the afterlife.

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      1. With all due respect toward prophecy, the “image of the beast,” depicted in Revelation, could be an animated android. Sounds like sci-fi; however, technology is advancing at a rapid pace, to the extent that many see the likelihood of specific prophecies being fulfilled through technological innovations. Yes, scary; yet, my trust is in G-d; and, I look forward to my soul spending eternity in Olam Haba.

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