Sunrise Delight

Outside, on the porch,

the day begins in brightness;

warming up the soul.


Crackling Flames

If I could hear the silence of the night,

and listen to the sounds, when all is quiet,

I would be soothed to sleep by the stillness

of the earth, sky, and nearby forests.

Yet, this is a rare and precious treat,

that I am not often blessed with from Above;

for some reason or another,

I am mostly subject to bothersome

levels of music, television,

and other disturbances,

such as the return of my neighbors

after closing time at the bars,

around two a.m.

I would rather be an owl in a tree,

or an eagle in the sky;

yet, I humbly accept my predicament,

and patiently wait to be delivered

from my current circumstances.

Meanwhile, if there was quietude,

then, perhaps I would be able to hear

the crackling of the nighttime flames,

and the consumption of the fire,

as it consumes the pine tree forests

alongside the San Francisco Peaks.

earthweal prompt

Fallen Nature

A beautiful garden, in harmony as a microcosm of the Universe,

reflecting the perfect order of nature, established by the Creator,

containing diverse patterns that reflect the whole, so that we may bless

the Cosmic Genius, in our words and actions, treating the earth with favor.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Despite the fall, when the oneness of the creation was shattered

by mankind’s insistence to assert himself above and beyond G-d’s grace,

we may still find a path of return to Eden, amidst the tattered garments

of G-d’s majesty, even through prayer that may ascend to His Place.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

For is it not clear that the solution lies not within our own reach,

try as we may to rectify past sins against ourselves and the earth?

How can the creature, whose tainted nature led to the breach,

between mankind and the origin of life, bring renewal from this dearth?

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Seek, and you shall find out that the scattered clues of disobedience,

the consequences that appear throughout all of creation, are evident,

from the decay that occurs in response to entropy, to genetic mutations,

that do not reflect the original intentions of the Intelligent Designer.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Compare the harmony that existed, previously in Gan Eden,

wherein the complete biosphere was a perfect and precise mirror

0f universal precision, calculated within the depths of wisdom;

yet, disturbed, unsettled, and compelled to veer from its trajectory.

earthweal prompt

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