Winter Hibernation

I am carried back,

to the ground of my existence,

while snuggled inside this cocoon,

waiting in limbo for the renewal

of my soul to take flight.

—– —– —– —– —–

With two feet of snow,

accumulated over the past three days,

this hibernation reminds of quarantine,

when five weeks ago, my soul

shouldered the burden of solitude,

shaking me to the core.

—– —– —– —– —–

The sense of existential dread,

that I felt on the last evening,

before my release from captivity,

ensues, like a pivotal experience,

meant to rearrange my days,

into an exploration

of the primordial intuition,

that followed right before dawn,

garnered my attention,

and persists to reshape my identity,

serving as a compass,

pointing in a new direction.

dVerse prompt