Soul Renewal

The chasm opens wide,
as we drift further apart,
knowing that the distance
between us can only decrease,
by a reconciliation that neither of us
can imagine for now.
My Guide will lead me to Gan Eden,
while you remain distant,
unable to hear the call.
Yet, I pray every day
for your redemption –
the renewal of your soul.


Invisible Heritage

Our heritage is like the wind,

moving unseen through the trees;

yet, leaving an impression

amongst the sands of time,

along the beaches of distant shores,

and the deserts of the world.

Are we amongst the souls

whom may make the claim to be

children of G-d, under the heavens

that He created, before the dawn of history?

If so, the fruit of our efforts

to change ourselves for the better,

and lend a helping hand to others

must prevail over and against

the selfish urges within ourselves,

that have the capacity to sweep

away our best intentions,

while we create a house of cards

to please our own ego.

Silent Voices

Judge not lest you be judged in turn,
Appearances cloud our view,
We guess at the truth, but only learn
G-d alone knows what is true.

Edith Stein, from Aphorisms in the Month of June 1940

We see this world in a topsy turvy way,

where right is wrong, and left has gone astray.

Foundations once safe and sound,

have fallen upon the ground.

How long can we watch, and remain quiet,

while evil is reframed as good,

and the righteous are silenced?

—– —– —–

One fine day we will sing,

when all of G-d’s mercies will bring

a lasting peace upon this world,

as Messiah’s flag is unfurled.

Until then, we sit and wait,

hope and pray beyond fate,

that when the bright morning will dawn,

the light will accompany G-d’s Kingdom.

Sancturary of the Soul

Lest troubles pervade,

and ghosts from my past cause me to be afraid,

I shall enter that quiet space within me,

where all is blessed by the L-RD’s presence.

—– —– —–

If doubts assail me,

and worries about my future plague me,

I will call upon the One, who grants me protection,

and shelters the people Israel in Galus (Exile).

—– —– —–

Ad mosai? (How long?)

While I am waiting, I seek refuge from the storms

currently on the horizon, and the spreading darkness,

encroaching upon the once free world.

How many can clearly see?

—– —– —–

There is no exterior peace

to be found in this world of calamity,

except within the sanctuary of the soul,

where the din of the world cannot take its toll

upon the refiner’s fire that glows,

like the spirit that rests within.

In the beginning, My servant Job

In the beginning

he would rise early in the morning

now the earth was chaos and waste

from roaming the earth and walking on it

darkness was on the surface of the deep

but now, stretch out Your hand

Then G-d said, Let there be light

only do not extend your hand against him

Then G-d made the two great lights

so the adversary departed from the presence of the L-RD.

—– —– —– —– —– —–

over the day and over the night

a messenger came to Job

to separate the light from the darkness

the fire of G-d has fallen from heaven

and G-d saw that it was good

I alone escaped to tell you

So there was evening and there was morning

while this one was still speaking.

—– —– —– —– —–

above the land across the expanse

suddenly a mighty wind came

over the whole earth

and struck the four corners

the flying creatures of the sky,

fell to the ground and worshipped

And it happened so.

I will return there

G-d saw everything

blessed is the name of the L-RD.

dVerse prompt

note to reader: This poem alternates between phrases from the Book of Genesis, chapter 1 (in italics); and the Book of Job, chapter 1 (plain text). Hopefully, the poem appears as a seamless whole, despite some of the juxtapositions, that might seem awkward.

The Shoreline

Setting aside selfish sentiments,

to focus attention on the divine,

unearthing hidden resentments –

compelling the soul to transcend over time.

Like the waters on the beach,

receding into the blue ocean,

I would swim as far as I could to reach

a distant shore, where ancient memories blend

with a future envisioned by the prophets,

who saw the distant hope on the horizon,

and directed us to seek, as wisdom saw fit,

the entrance into the kingdom.

—– —– —– —– —–

The currents challenge us to navigate,

while the waves crest high with foam;

and, our arrival can only be estimated

by the tears that fall as we roam.

The promise of a place reserved,

beckons to us from that golden shore,

as we are called to rely on our faith,

to guide us through the door.

Our lives, akin to all who hear the call,

to enter into the ark of refuge,

provided by the One who created all,

to transcend the dystopian deluge.

Guiding Light

If you turn toward the deserts

that have been deprived of rain;

if you step outside of the garden,

instead of singing the divine refrain;

if you cast off the yoke of heaven,

and enter the highways and byways;

if you stray from the narrow path of life,

and travel along the broad way;

following the herd along the beaten road,

instead of taking the road less travelled;

if you give in to the demands of the yetzer hara,

rather than following the promptings of the godly soul;

where will you be led by your own desires,

when you do not seek out what is good?

—– —– —– —– —– —–

If you do not avoid evil, and do what is right,

then what destiny will await you ahead?

Rather, turn toward G-d through teshuvah,

foster a change of heart that will encompass

all that you think, say and do in life;

Then, your world will appear anew,

and return to its original state.

For the things of this world shall not lead us askew,

they are meant to be used in tandem

with the guidelines of moderation,

and the devotion due to Elokim;

lifted up to a place of no regrets,

our hearts are meant to be focused on Him,

so that we may walk in His footsteps.