Inner Sight

Seek to look beyond

the imperfections of man;

aspire toward light;

the light beyond all darkness

enlightens the eyes of men.

Cast light upon my imperfections, L-RD. Gather my iniquities together, and toss them into the sea, never to return. For, my life has been consumed by the darkness of my past, and I yearn to be set free once and for all. Even so, I acknowledge that only by the way of progressing, gradually upon the path, that is set before me, may I be refined by the challenges in my life. I hope to learn from my mistakes, and move past my ignorance, to a place of understanding. Guide me in Your ways.


a Japanese tanka poem

The songbird in the poem is an allusion to the turtle dove; kol ha tor – the song of the turtle dove, that sings about the chevlei moshiach (footsteps of the anointed).

This poem is defined as a tanka, a Japanese poetic form, consisting of five lines, with the following syllabic count: 5,7,5,7,7. Additionally, I would mention, that traditionally, there are no rhymes in syllabic poetry.