Lost & Found

With all of my focus on Shomayim,

daily, I will dwell in eternal joy.

No time on earth to make a fuss

about the trivial nonsense of the world,

nor ignore the inevitable,

unfolding of prophecy.

Yet, to stand up for the truth,

is a poet’s toil and obligation,

if one dares to become

a voice for the voiceless

a heart for the heartless,

and a light for souls

living in darkness.

At the edge of the sea

a lighthouse sends out its message,

warning nearby ships of the dangerous rocks.

A canary in the coal mine serves

as an indicator of impending doom.

So, too, words that seek to transcend

the crises of an ever-expansive

universe set in motion long ago,

will guide the weary traveler,

under the stars, home.

dVerse prompt


Tomorrow’s Hope

We are strangers to ourselves,

when our past has been lost,

amongst the tumult of generations,

swayed by assimilation at what cost?

While progress rolls forward,

like a steam roller, it paves the way

toward a brave new world,

flattening the truths of yesterday.

For the digital technocracy to succeed,

it must suppress individual identity,

and borrow nothing from yesteryear,

that would undermine its own supremacy.

Yet, the truth will never become subservient

to the lies of the narrative norm,

for the sake of global convenience,

nor forgotten in the hearts of the reborn.

Our past will redeem us,

our traditions will revive our spirit;

in faith we will reclaim our trust;

our conscience will guide the lyrics.

A new song in our hearts will abide,

a remembrance of our history;

our genuine selves will override

the collective approach to mentality.

Seek nourishment of the soul,

that will not permit the new normal

to take its final insidious toll

upon our belief in what is moral.

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