Heavenly Sight

Flowers for the eye of the beholder to treasure,

while temporarily visiting the unseen world,

as described in a near-death experience,

of someone who was given a second chance.

Imagine seeing heavenly light gleaming

upon a panorama of uniquely designed flora,

not otherwise seen anywhere on this planet.

Wouldn’t this pique your interest,

and, fill you with a sense of wonder?

The Afterlife may beckon inquiry;

yet, to those who have been granted

a glimpse of this world,

on the other side of existence,

a favorable impression of waits ahead,

will motivate the soul,

when returned to the body,

to live a better life,

and share one’s best intentions

with the rest of Creation.

poetry prompt from Eugi’s Causerie


Visions of Hope

When the past disappears into the future,

the present is at stake, for the past is nearly forgotten;

and, the future of the world is only held together by a thread,

woven throughout the tapestry of the ages.

The axis of the earth cannot hold steady,

under the pressure of the decrees made from heaven;

as the angels standby on alert for their rescue mission,

preparing to place a seal on all who will remain steadfast.

Carry us away, to the distant land of our dreams,

the places in our minds, given to us in visions;

steeped in Your words, as we watch prophecy unfold,

we remain ready to step into the light of Your countenance.

Carry us away, upon the wings of Your angels,

lift us up above our fears, and bring us home;

to the place where we have always longed for,

the place where we truly belong.

Where the angels roam within the recesses of Your courts

and frequent the corridors of Your palatial buildings;

home, wherein we will find solace for our souls,

bathed in the light of eternity, emanating from Your Temple.


poem: Ode to the Itinerant

Sleep soundly,

don’t let the skitter’s bites annoy,

nor the fires be a fright to you.

Restrictions on forested lands

must be recognized upon demand.

Adolescent dreams, and unruly whims

are best set aside, cast into the wind.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

We are all pilgrims;

so, you have the opportunity

to realize more than others,

the impermanence of our lives,

before we transition to Olam Haba.

This life is a test for all of us,

to mature, improve, and look forward

to our reward from Above,

G-d willing.