Renewal on the Horizon

creative image by Lee Madgwick


amidst the broken-down dreams

of a nation bereft of its heritage and pride,

amongst the scattered ruins of a once thriving

society of angels and men, seeking harmony,

lies the spark within, the light of renewal

that will bring home the downtrodden,

who still carry faith in their hearts,

and walk with the strides of righteousness,

alongside the saints of olden times,

who have not forgotten their G-d above,

nor their moral responsibilities below

on an earth that teeters and totters,

reels and shakes from the revolution

of an immense proportion

that spins the globe into chaos.

In the distant future,

when the angels fly overhead,

we will be lifted into the air,

only to be resettled in Paradise.

© 2022 all rights reserved

dVerse prompt


Biding my time,
finding my way,
seeking the sublime,
en route to a brighter day.

Looking toward caelum,
in expectation of Moshiach,
Who from the angelic realm,
descends to avail us.

Awaiting the final hour,
when the veil will be lifted,
let our faces not be dour,
for we have truly been gifted.

And, if compelled to do more,
than gazing heavenward,
let us guard the days of yore,
with the intention to one day soar.

For only then, at that time,
will our dreams be realized;
everything concealed will finally be
revealed as we rise into the sky.

Our Brethren

“There shall no evil come to thee: nor shall the scourge come near thy dwelling.” – Psalm 91:10

No longer driven this way and that,

because we are given the blessing of adaptability

in times of war, when all appears lost.

And, in times of peace as well,

in our homes, and when all alone,

to remember our brethren and kin,

when we have no one to tell

our troubles to except for G-d.

The memories of ashes, everywhere,

like dust in the currents of wind,

that shift across the ages.

Yet, renewal is at hand,

across this war-torn land,

when we turn to the One above,

Who can reconcile our lives to Himself,

and absolve our sins of indifference

to both G-d and mankind.

Searching Beyond Here


humanity is, gazing,

out into the stars, across the years.

Yearning, for more than can meet the eye,

beyond the tears of yesteryears,

and higher than the skies.

Looking, for the hidden treasure

at the end of the rainbow,

we miss the mark everyday.

As the turning point approaches,

within our own hearts, we must decide,

whether to embrace the truth within,

where the Kingdom of G-d resides,

or enslave ourselves to the perpetual pursuit

of a human made modern-day utopia,

a never-ending process of changing the world,

while ignoring the original blueprint of the design.

If we embrace our conscience,

we will be lead back to the Garden of Eden;

yet, if we integrate the ideological constructs

of this pseudo-morality into our lives,

then, we will be led astray by the serpent,

and assimilated into the collective.

We would be wise to renew our own souls,

instead of pointing the blame at society;

to lift up our gaze to the heavens,

rather than squinting our eyes at others.

Regaining our humanity begins

with an individual commitment

to live in harmony with ourselves,

and the intentions of the Designer,

by acceding to His will,

instead of our own.

Eleventh Hour

Testing area, proving ground, ultrasound,

revealing the difference between ourselves,

and who we will become in a world unbound.

As humankind approaches the final page,

in the Book of Life recorded by the Sage,

and heard by all who climb the divine ladder,

G-d will guide us along the way to freedom,

while encouraging us to not stand idle,

as the lies of man are piled high as the sky,

darkly looming over the earth’s populace;

our redemption arrives at the break of dawn.

dVerse prompt

Journey Home

We are pilgrims on this earth,

like our father, Abraham –

destined to wander, with a purpose,

only to be realized in Olam Haba.

While here,

amongst the thicket’s

tangle that ensnares the soul,

relief is at hand, before

the darkness takes its toll.

The muddied waters

will turn crystal clear,

and cloudy skies reveal the sun,

concealed behind a veil

of tears, washing gently down

from the face of G-d.

Joy, will pour forth

from the fountain of salvation,

at the heart of Israel –

as we make our way home

to the land of our forefathers,

where the Kingdom will shine

forth like 10,000 suns.

note: inspired by “Home is where you feel at home. I’m still looking,” from Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s

dVerse prompt

Days Foretold

Send our roots down into the ground,

and let our spirts soar, up into the sky.

Let us be nourished by the earth, under our feet,

and set our vision upon the heavenlies.

As above, so below, all is foretold,

in regard to the days that will unfold.

Shower us with blessings,

place your burdens upon us.

We will serve you with sincerity,

and rejoice within ourselves

Seeking Him

Give thanks to His name,

despite everything that seems to be in disarray.

Proclaim His acts across the land,

and offer a helping hand,

to those in need.

Sing words of praise to Him,

even when things do not appear to be going well.

Play music in His honor,

and in the splendor of holiness,

worship Him.

Let your heart rejoice

in the provision of the L-RD,

for His grace abounds,

and the level of His mercy

cannot be found out.

Always search out the L-RD,

and seek His countenance,

a refuge in the storms of life,

a guide to all your challenges

along the way home.

Facets of Another Dimension

A poet’s heart, breaking

for love a world, that no longer exists;

that world was, perhaps, only ideal,

not real, a figment of my imagination.

The topsy turvy world of a dream,

where the truth is revealed,

that what seemed to be

important in this world,

is least in Shomayim.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

The hidden facets, gleaming

with the light of reason from Above,

behind closed doors, and within silent minds,

hiding in the shadows of the doorways,

unnoticed, like the humble souls,

who go about their lives, as if invisible,

without anyone reckoning their inner value –

will be the first, in Malchus HaElokim.