Fallen Nature

A beautiful garden, in harmony as a microcosm of the Universe,

reflecting the perfect order of nature, established by the Creator,

containing diverse patterns that reflect the whole, so that we may bless

the Cosmic Genius, in our words and actions, treating the earth with favor.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Despite the fall, when the oneness of the creation was shattered

by mankind’s insistence to assert himself above and beyond G-d’s grace,

we may still find a path of return to Eden, amidst the tattered garments

of G-d’s majesty, even through prayer that may ascend to His Place.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

For is it not clear that the solution lies not within our own reach,

try as we may to rectify past sins against ourselves and the earth?

How can the creature, whose tainted nature led to the breach,

between mankind and the origin of life, bring renewal from this dearth?

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Seek, and you shall find out that the scattered clues of disobedience,

the consequences that appear throughout all of creation, are evident,

from the decay that occurs in response to entropy, to genetic mutations,

that do not reflect the original intentions of the Intelligent Designer.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Compare the harmony that existed, previously in Gan Eden,

wherein the complete biosphere was a perfect and precise mirror

0f universal precision, calculated within the depths of wisdom;

yet, disturbed, unsettled, and compelled to veer from its trajectory.

earthweal prompt

(see part two, here)


On the Brink

“Into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace, knowing no effort earns that all-surrounding grace.” – Denise Levertov, The Avowal

Creation, subjected to degradation,

cries out in expectation of renewal,

as do we, hidden within our imperfection,

that we have brought upon ourselves.

Unknowingly, we would like to think,

humankind has borne its own demise;

yet, the wise know better than this,

for our fallen nature competes

against our best intentions.

Before we are brought to disgrace,

we must transcend our lower instincts,

lest we descend into the animal kingdom,

our conscience singed with pride.

Stewards of the earth, our responsibilities

towards G-d’s Creation are clear;

yet, how can we enact this role,

if we no longer merit to have been created

as the crown of Creation?

Let us not master, but be mastered

by the One Whose divine blueprint

will guide us through the darkness.

Entropy & Renewal

Across the ages, the wisest of sages

have procured a plan to restore

our fractured souls to a harmonious condition.

So, that in harmony with ourselves,

and the environment around us,

we can partake of the fruits of Gan Eden.

The original blueprint of Creation,

based upon G-d’s design was a grand masterpiece,

that in the beginning, contained all the glory of heaven.

Yet, when our unity with the Creator was shattered,

entropy entered into the picture, as death and decay

became a reality, previously unknown.

Today, out of sync, with the point of origin,

mankind has arrived at an impasse,

between ourselves and our Creator.

The delicate balance of ecosystems,

on the surface of this blue sphere

have been impacted by our neglect.

We were entrusted as stewards of the earth;

yet, our fallen nature has caused us to be blind,

to the interconnectivity of all things.

The renewal of our souls is primary,

to regain our sense of humanity,

and return to the sanctity of the Garden.

note: While reading the earthweal prompt, I was inspired to write an essay. That essay may be found here: Stardust. I made an effort to carry over the themes from my essay to the poem above; although, the poem is unique in and of itself.


We are fallen, as a consequence of the first act of disobedience in the Garden of Eden. How do we rectify that transgression against our Maker? To begin with, we need to discover the potential to transcend our “fallenness,” and move past the outcomes in our lives that occur as a result of our fallen nature. To recover our past unity with G-d, and harmony with all of Creation, we need to transcend our circumstances, by realizing the origin of our dismay.

The loss of our primary role as responsible caretakers in the Garden, because of the negligent act of dismissal of the original blueprint, instructions, and training manual, has led gradually over generations to our demise. Thus, we conclude that the state of the earth, and the conditions of mankind, are due to the neglect of our responsibility as caring stewards of the earth. Even so, we need to realize that the earth only began to decay, after the original sin of Adam and Eve.

Therefore, the real culprit, and primary cause of the state of neglect that we see today all around us, is the long-term generational consequence of our own fallen nature. We are interconnected, as Joni Mitchell wrote, “we are stardust,” and somehow, we need to return “to the garden.” Even if we focus on renewal for the sake of the environment, and the complexity & interconnectedness of the entire biosphere, we will still fall short of the mark, because it is necessary, as well, to make an endeavor to renew our very souls.

Will improving upon the way mankind has treated the earth since the industrial revolution also compel us to become better human beings? What about our relationships toward each other? Cain tried to argue away his filial responsibility, by asking, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” By asking the question, he implied that he did not think so, inasmuch that his sarcastic response echoes across the generations, for us to respond to as well. Because Cain is viewed as an example of the worst in mankind, it is obvious that we should not be like unto him. Rather, our character traits should include compassion for all humankind, as well as the earth.

Future Coexistence

Desolate, landscape flattened by conflagration,

engulfed in flames, leaving a blackened char,

compelling predators to encroach upon man’s habitations,

as mountain lions eye cattle as prey,

and rabbits have nowhere to hide.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Reminds of the devastation in Mariupol –

ninety percent destroyed by the invasion;

as Mother Russia sends her children into the fray,

on an ill-guided mission to subdue a people,

compromised of many voices, beliefs, and ways.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

All of G-d’s creation is subject to changes,

beyond our understanding, for we share a common fate,

when removed from the lands we knew as home;

and who knows of the soul of man that ascends,

and the spirit of the beasts that descend into the earth,

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Namely, that mankind, the crown of creation

is called to account for our passage of time,

upon the surface of G-d’s blue and white sphere,

first seen as a whole, in its entirety, by astronauts,

who transcended humanity for a brief moment?

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Like a tree, planted alongside flowing waters,

mankind is destined to flourish despite all odds,

even endure the momentous cataclysms ahead,

like a final test, before transitioning into a world,

where niches are shared underneath blue skies.