Nothing New

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9, ESV

All that has been done, can be undone by swift destruction. Yet, the most promising realities are formed from virtues made of gold. The refiner’s fire will test the soul of the faithful, as darkness takes its toll upon this world. And the powers that be will try to create something new – a promise of a manmade utopia. Transcendent visions await those who hold out for something beyond this mundane world that will arrive in due time, before the end. Look, to the Heavens.

Nothing new can be created out of the ashes of the old.”

Human nature remains the same across the ages; so, human errors, faults, and foibles will still be part of the equation. No amount of seeking our oppressors outside of ourselves, as if social justice can be bought upon the condemnation of others, without examining ourselves, will avail mankind for the sake of the common good. Rather, all totalitarian movements have begun this way, and end in dystopia. Those who claim to be Woke are asleep, lacking awareness of the true culprit inside each and every one of us – we must battle against our own negative inclinations, in order to transcend evil.

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dVerse prompt

Existential Limits

Like a sentinel,

the white rook sits in the corner,

defending the border territory.

Shall I give up that vantage point,

for the sake of a tighter defense?

Limited possibilities

teach me the virtue of humility,

while, reflecting in a parallel manner

upon my own existence,

I recognize my own limitations,

as a member of humankind.

And, this is what makes us human,

to know that we have free will,

within the framework of a finite being,

subject to nature and nurture,

circumstances and challenges,

all of which can be transcended

by effort, character, and merit.

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dVerse prompt

Searching Beyond Here


humanity is, gazing,

out into the stars, across the years.

Yearning, for more than can meet the eye,

beyond the tears of yesteryears,

and higher than the skies.

Looking, for the hidden treasure

at the end of the rainbow,

we miss the mark everyday.

As the turning point approaches,

within our own hearts, we must decide,

whether to embrace the truth within,

where the Kingdom of G-d resides,

or enslave ourselves to the perpetual pursuit

of a human made modern-day utopia,

a never-ending process of changing the world,

while ignoring the original blueprint of the design.

If we embrace our conscience,

we will be lead back to the Garden of Eden;

yet, if we integrate the ideological constructs

of this pseudo-morality into our lives,

then, we will be led astray by the serpent,

and assimilated into the collective.

We would be wise to renew our own souls,

instead of pointing the blame at society;

to lift up our gaze to the heavens,

rather than squinting our eyes at others.

Regaining our humanity begins

with an individual commitment

to live in harmony with ourselves,

and the intentions of the Designer,

by acceding to His will,

instead of our own.

Soul Journey

Every time my burden

becomes too heavy to bear,

I’m led beyond the Jordan,

to a place where You appear.

Lifted up

above the surrounding waters,

that yesterday engulfed my soul,

I am steadfastly gaining ground,

as I make my way home.

This path that leads me

through the darkness of the night,

reveals the way to freedom,

despite the blight of the land.

Not for my own sake,

do I tread upon the serpents underfoot;

rather, for providing a clear trail

that all can take avail of.

From sunrise to sunset,

and all of the hours in between,

I will look towards the light,

in order to keep my dreams in sight.

Golden Opportunities

Freedom, at a cost beyond words, the ageless echo from Sinai rings less in our ears, than the music that blares upon the radio, and the chatter of T.V. So, my ancestors in their graves in Bolechov, sleep soundly until the tehillas hameisim (resurrection of the dead). Yet, the next generations, lured by the false promises of materialism, become enslaved, again, despite the lessons of the past (that have passed unlearned). If only I could ask my great-grandfather, what were his expectations, once arriving at Ellis Island; and, whether or not he ever wore peyos (sidecurls) like his father?

story challenge in 99 words prompt Carrot Ranch Literary Community

In Sympatico

Oh L-rd,

only wisdom,

bright as your countenance,

will shed light on my wayward path,



every night…

during the days of gloom,

when there is no room for this hope

to bloom.

To bloom,

like a flower,

transplanted from soil,

depleted by war’s cruelty,

and dearth.

And dearth,

leaves us scant food,

unable to nourish

our souls with everlasting hope,

and dreams.

And dreams,

vanish in sync

with the early morning

air raids, that signal a new day,

oh L-rd.

Seek to Be

The Blue Yellow Tree” by Vika Muse @get.muse In the artist’s own words:
“Escaping into the fantasy world helps to overcome the feeling of permanent anxiety caused by the war.”

Sending branches into the sky,

and roots down into the earth;

we seek to be lifted on high,

for all that we are worth.

In this world there is always a cost,

when the soul aspires to pursue

what freedom may bring, despite what is lost;

the body grieves, yet hope will ensue.

Dreams are the essence of ascent,

while our roots tether us to the ground;

inspiration keeps the goal in sight,

where our strength can be found.

We are nourished by our heritage,

our values, beliefs, and prayers,

even without the proper leverage

to move the mountains in our way.

Our trust in G-d Above will not diminish,

even in the midst of the flaming arrows of the enemy;

hope in an unseen future of peace is our wish,

even when lives are uprooted, dreams remain.