Soon to Be

“And the earth was without form and void…”

Genesis 1:2

What is concealed,

will soon be revealed.

The things that G-d has hidden

in our heart of hearts,

eternity, divinity, and wisdom

will be brought to our awareness

in tandem with an acceptance

of the ancient narratives,

the noble pioneers,

and faithful prophets

of His word.

—– —– —–

The banquet of Heaven

awaits all who are called

to feast upon Leviathan,

the doomed serpent of old,

whose boldness and deception

has plunged the world into darkness,

bringing chaos and turmoil

that taints the soil

of G-d’s creation.

—– —– —–

The nations shall not prevail

over the directive of Shomayim,

nor succeed in turning the moral clock

backwards, unto  tohu va’vohu

formless and void.


Words Blossom

While my speech was limited, and any thoughts expressed nil, over the years, my reticent nature compelled me to remain silent most of the time. Perhaps, not being able to find one’s own way in the world, while tethered to the past, and grounded upon nothing more than the shifting sands of emotions, without a framework for viewing the world, how can a meaningful statement be made?

Yet, from time to time, the seed of a poem laid dormant in my heart,* until flowing out like a tributary into the ocean, my words, inspired by the depths of my soul, made their way onto paper, and eventually to the ears of others, when I read them out loud. Now, every morning, when I wake, thoughts coalesce, and sometimes the best of them resurface on a page during the day. My soul yearns to blossom.

*from “Winged Words,” by Valsa George

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