Divine Preservation

Salt and pepper,

addictive seasonings,

reserved for minimal use.

Crystal granules –

for Shabbos challah,

preservative of the Covenant.

And, spicey crushed peppercorns,

to assimilate fresh turmeric,

combined with ginger,

over coconut milk,

plus four tablespoons

of unrefined coconut oil,

to preserve proper

brain functioning.

dVerse prompt


Invisible Heritage

Our heritage is like the wind,

moving unseen through the trees;

yet, leaving an impression

amongst the sands of time,

along the beaches of distant shores,

and the deserts of the world.

Are we amongst the souls

whom may make the claim to be

children of G-d, under the heavens

that He created, before the dawn of history?

If so, the fruit of our efforts

to change ourselves for the better,

and lend a helping hand to others

must prevail over and against

the selfish urges within ourselves,

that have the capacity to sweep

away our best intentions,

while we create a house of cards

to please our own ego.

Harmony of Opposites

tiferes – harmony, beauty, peace, sanctity

Sometimes life may seem
like a high-wire balancing act,
without a safety net.
We juggle in mid-air,
all of the peoples stares,
we imagine upon us.

When we realize
that no one has perfected
themselves to the extent
wherein harmony reigns,
constantly within and without,
we can accept the nuances
inherent in our existential walk,
across time, from one year to another,
while harmonizing the opposites
of our personalities, with the help
of Providence & Divine Insight.

In consideration of the nearly polar opposites of chesed (loving-kindness) and gevurah (judgment), tiferes (harmony) has the potential to infuse these two “emotional attributes,” into a blend of synergistic harmony that has as its substance, the beauty of moderation, balance, and right amounts of the elements necessary, to bring about reconciliation with all things.

This is why tiferes, seems to me, to be akin to ahavah (love); although, it is traditionally associated with compassion. Incidentally, what is the relationship between love and compassion? Todd Rundgren sang that love without compassion is nil. “Even love has turned bad, [if] it was love without compassion” (Todd Rundgren, Compassion). Is there any truth to be found in his claim?

There is self-love, love of objects (especially our own possessions), love of pleasure, and love of the merely satisfying as opposed to love of virtue. Compassion permits us to love others with a certain degree of selflessness, and has the ability to negate our selfishness, and break down the separateness between ourselves and others. Something for the world to consider…

Window of Vision

A window into time,

is challenging to rhyme,

bringing past, present, and future

together into harmony…

Whenever I reflect upon my heritage,

I am transported back to the shtetl

of my ancestors on my father’s side of the family.

Especially, on Yom HaShoah, the day of remembrance

elicits bittersweet emotions.

On the one hand, at least twenty-eight

members of two families perished.

On the other hand, two other families

immigrated to the goldene medina,

bringing forth several generations

of Yidden, who know their heritage

to a greater or lesser degree,

upon the continuum of faith.


Gazing into the future,

I see the final generation

standing in its tenacity

against the tides of change,

and the storms of fear,

that are upon the horizon.

In expectation of Moshiach,

I wait for his arrival, here –

Ad mosai?


Existing in the present,

I try not to get caught up in the turmoil,

nor thrown off balance by the daily news,

that seems to be narrating prophecy

in real-time sound bytes, some confused,

on the way toward the final countdown

of the Geulah (Redemption).

Take heart, I say to my soul,

in the things that you know

will not fail, nor perish –

everlasting life, waiting

right outside the window,

after the Tehillas HaMeisim,

into another time –


©2023 all rights reserved

dVerse prompt

Springtime Reconciliation

Summer fades into the autumn greys,

and soon winter will arrive with the decay

of the leaves on trees, and blooming things.

The prairie dogs retreat into their dens,

to hibernate until the beginning of Spring.

We watch with anxious anticipation

for the redemption of the creation,

marked by the month of Aviv,

when all mankind is made free.

Without anywhere to hide,

our sins are brought to light,

and like a prairie dog standing,

by his hole, in imitation of prayer,

we are called to ward off the doldrums

of our mind, and reconcile ourselves

to the Creator of all things peaceable

within His Kingdom.

dVerse prompt

Something Sublime is Needed

We are determined –

all of us who look to a brighter day –

to see things our way,

instead of submitting

to the King of the World,

Who will give us direction,

capture our attention,

and bring us to our destiny.

We, who strive to create a life,

based on a mix of love and strife,

wanting to change those around us,

by pointing the finger at others,

and blaming the institutions of society.

Yet, disregarding the divine blueprint

of our heritage as a people of faith,

tradition, and the words inscribed

on the two Tablets of Stone

given to Moses on Sinai.

We have lost our way,

as the world in turmoil sways

to and fro, in moral chaos,

while the best of us fret,

and regret what we have not yet done,

to correct ourselves, through tikkun hanefesh,

a rectification of the soul,

with so little time left.

Golden Country

“I will restore My people Israel from captivity.”

– Amos 9:4

Across the generations,

our spirit has been crushed in every nation.

Even now, the Mother of Exiles

is becoming a harlot, like unto Babylon,

leaving us to ponder upon the wisdom of Daniel,

in acknowledgment of our status,

as exiles from the Promised Land.

The dreams of our ancestors,

who looked in hope toward

the distant shoreline of the Goldene Medina,

have been mixed with the alchemy of culture

that threatens to replace the values,

instilled in them by our heritage,

that brought inspiration in the Old Country.

The shift from a common bond,

amongst our own brethren

occurred in front of our very eyes,

as we were disguised from ourselves,

by the lies and factions we upheld,

rather, than honoring our covenantal unity

within the fractured diversity of K’lal Yisrael.

The aftermath

of an overemphasis on gashmiyos,

and a decreasing allegiance to ruchniyos,

coupled with assimilation into the melting pot,

is made visible in the diminishment

of our religious identity,

until the time when our renewal

is at hand.

Bare Earth

This barren landscape of the mind,

where time renews only those who have hope

in the ways of the ancient past

treaded by the sages of ages that still last

for the sake of the preservation of our heritage;

this bare earth, devoid of nourishment

soil, depleted by the wars that have wasted the land,

and the shores of distant beaches,

where the sands of time drift into the sea;

even the biosphere cries out on behalf of the world,

to renew the manifold aspects of creation –

mankind, the task begins with us,

through the renewal of the soul.

Obliged to Try

Out of necessity,

eating unkosher chicken,

not out of rebellion,

nor indifference.

Rather, out of a sense of gratitude,

yet, begrudgingly accepting

the prepackaged fillets,

soaked in a spicy sauce,

that I should not have,

with two types of preservatives

that I normally avoid.

After a few bites,

my stomach is unsettled;

and, I think how much I would like

to eat kosher chicken fillets again,

as an occasional supplement

to my vegetarian diet.

Yet, alas, there is nowhere

here to find them,

unless I take a 2 hour trek

to the closest metropolis.

Challenged, we are,

to a lesser or greater degree

by secular society.

I wax philosophical,

feel spacy, and my stomach growls.

The curse of making a dispensation,

at the cost of my integrity

for one meal,

like Esau.

A Time of Renewal

Rays of the sun follow the dawn

tinting the clouds, pink and blue.

A snapshot of eternity

as manifest in the reality

of an early morning scene

that renders emotions serene.

Tea from the cupboard of life

soothes my soul, minimizes the strife,

that swirls inside of my mind,

bringing comfort in due time.

Reflecting on people and places

missed opportunities and faces;

seems like a universal principle,

that room must be made for the new.

One door closes, and another opens;

as Pesach approaches, the old is removed,

exchanging chometz for matzoh,

bringing renewal to the depths of my soul.

As tears are sanctified by joy,

the troubled years recede into the past,

while the sun rises over Ir HaKodesh

wherein all prayers ascend to G-d.

dVerse prompt