Sweetness of the Soul

Prepare mind and heart,

bring awareness to center;

stillness in the soul.

As Rosh HaShannah approaches, preparations abound, beginning with the inner focus – searching the soul. This search began thirty days prior, with the sounding of the shofar every morning, awakening the soul to the awesome approach of the King.

The task at hand is to condition the mind to root out evil and sin. For those like myself, ba’al teshuvah, who were not raised observant, nor had the values of Torah inculcated in them, since an early age, the continual “pulling out of weeds,” if left to grow, would only cause the soul to become entangled in gashmiyos again. G-d forbid.

Gliding and Abiding

The haimishe coziness

of the evening settles,

upon the greenery of the park,

as the empyrean sky lifts up the stars –

reminders of G-d’s luminous heavens.

In Shomayim, the angels prepare

for their nightly round of singsong,

in honor of the Creator, Who glances

everywhere in one moment.

All is well until the dawn,

when the day begins again,

as promised; yet, without human foreknowledge

of what there is to encounter out there.

My kavannah is nurtured,

by the waxing and waning of the moon,

the ebb and flow of the Universe,

the wabi sabi of G-d’s creation,

as I greet every morning,

with my own song to the L-rd.

My derech, my raison d’etre, my ikigai

is written in the palms of my hand,

and the words of my prayers.

My focus and intent,

is to start the day

balanced, centered,

and in alignment

with my purpose.

© 2022 all rights reserved

dVerse prompt

Soul Journey

Every time my burden

becomes too heavy to bear,

I’m led beyond the Jordan,

to a place where You appear.

Lifted up

above the surrounding waters,

that yesterday engulfed my soul,

I am steadfastly gaining ground,

as I make my way home.

This path that leads me

through the darkness of the night,

reveals the way to freedom,

despite the blight of the land.

Not for my own sake,

do I tread upon the serpents underfoot;

rather, for providing a clear trail

that all can take avail of.

From sunrise to sunset,

and all of the hours in between,

I will look towards the light,

in order to keep my dreams in sight.

Falling Upright

“A righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.”

– Proverbs 24:16, JPS 1917 Tanach

From these dizzying heights,

looking down upon others,

I know that I cannot maintain

my balance upon this pedestal.

For, one slip of the foot

will bring me down to earth;

and, perhaps spark a rebirth,

as I climb up the ladder again.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Yet, this time,

not upon my own strength alone,

will I ascend closer to the realm

of sanctity amongst humanity,

lifted up out of the mire.

Upon the wings of angels,

will I be supported, upon these rungs,

making my way, His way,

as I begin to see the light.

dVerse prompt

Inner Sight

Seek to look beyond

the imperfections of man;

aspire toward light;

the light beyond all darkness

enlightens the eyes of men.

Cast light upon my imperfections, L-RD. Gather my iniquities together, and toss them into the sea, never to return. For, my life has been consumed by the darkness of my past, and I yearn to be set free once and for all. Even so, I acknowledge that only by the way of progressing, gradually upon the path, that is set before me, may I be refined by the challenges in my life. I hope to learn from my mistakes, and move past my ignorance, to a place of understanding. Guide me in Your ways.

Hope Surfaces

Hope, is the mainstay of my life

and the fruition of my thoughts.

Hope, will outweigh the strife

that weighs heavily upon my heart.

Hope, the champion of the future,

a prelude to ultimate victory.

Hope, is enough to suture

the wounds inflicted by misery.

Hope, will mend the broken fragments

of a life unduly shattered.

Hope, will diminish the lament

of those whose clothes are tattered.

Hope, designed to stich each patch

and sew together the unraveled strands.

Hope, will help to gather all who are lost,

like collecting so many grains of sand.

Hope, will meld with faith,

bridging the gap in between.

Hope obtained, will never fade,

always realizing the dream.

Let Faith Reign

And there’s a slow, slow train comin’ up around the bend.

Slow Train, by Bob Dylan

When society is upended,

and people are tormented,

take heart in your faith,

don’t let your soul go to waste;

there will be a slow train

coming around the bend.

Let faith reign in your heart,

don’t pretend to play the part,

when the mind is sincere,

and the pathway is clear,

there will be a slow train

on the tracks ready to start.

Let’s dare not be hesitant,

when opportunity prevails, take that first step,

look, the passenger door is open,

these tired souls that appear to be broken,

will be renewed on the slow train,

moving along the tracks.

Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead: Slow Train