At birth,

there was no map,

set aside for safekeeping,

to be gifted to me later,

upon reaching the age of reason.

Still, I am mysteriously guided

by my soul; and, the One

who breathed life into me,

watches my path,

and keeps me.



Silent Voices

Judge not lest you be judged in turn,
Appearances cloud our view,
We guess at the truth, but only learn
G-d alone knows what is true.

Edith Stein, from Aphorisms in the Month of June 1940

We see this world in a topsy turvy way,

where right is wrong, and left has gone astray.

Foundations once safe and sound,

have fallen upon the ground.

How long can we watch, and remain quiet,

while evil is reframed as good,

and the righteous are silenced?

—– —– —–

One fine day we will sing,

when all of G-d’s mercies will bring

a lasting peace upon this world,

as Messiah’s flag is unfurled.

Until then, we sit and wait,

hope and pray beyond fate,

that when the bright morning will dawn,

the light will accompany G-d’s Kingdom.

Universal Chess

Zen aptitude
in a chess game,
makes all the difference,
when all of the pieces
are rearranged.

Moving from one space
to another upon the board,
weaving an intricate pattern
of trails along the way,
until only the fortunate
players remain.

Neither luck, nor coincidence
factor into this divine equation –
only grace and mercy from Above,
as an invisible hand guides the pieces
of the cosmos into place.
A chess board is a microcosm
of the grand scale and design
of the macrocosm.

Thoughts in Collision

Two patterns of thought, collide with each other;

the first is redefined by the second, in totale,

digesting, and absorbing its nutrients, until absolved

of its contradictions, ready to be transformed once more.

As this progressive alteration of the original continues,

the main themes remain, while the corollaries are transmuted,

reshaped for the sake of channeling theory into praxis.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —–

Thus, the Hegelian dynamic of the Spirit,

working via the dialectic, reshaping history,

was recalibrated by Marx as dialectical materialism,

a historical process stripped bare of any spiritual component.

When his worldview failed to replicate itself in Europe,

(although, it was successful at consuming both Russia and China),

the intellectuals who had swallowed the bitter pill, and found it sweet,

sought to reframe the overall design, making it more palatable to the West.

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

By way of the machinations of the neoMarxists at the Frankfort School,

a monster was tamed, enough to appear acceptable

within the confines of its cultural makeover,

giving rise to the birth of cultural Marxism;

and its progeny branched out like fractals, within American society,

as each imitation of the whole, began to engulf adherents,

both idealogues, and what Lenin derogatively referred to as “useful idiots.”

—– —– —– —– —– —– —–

The amalgamation became so complete,

that today, the reborn pattern that appears to be whole,

can only be recognized as Marxism, by the sum of its parts,

when the eye of the beholder will steadfastly take the opportunity

to closely examine the varied dimensions of the renamed monstrosity,

that has crisscrossed across the land, weaving a complex tapestry

of interrelated forms of cultural transformation and moral decline,

conveniently packaged as liberating acts of social justice.

Hence, the proliferation of Wokism continues,

in the wake of its former manifestations.

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