Our Brethren

“There shall no evil come to thee: nor shall the scourge come near thy dwelling.” – Psalm 91:10

No longer driven this way and that,

because we are given the blessing of adaptability

in times of war, when all appears lost.

And, in times of peace as well,

in our homes, and when all alone,

to remember our brethren and kin,

when we have no one to tell

our troubles to except for G-d.

The memories of ashes, everywhere,

like dust in the currents of wind,

that shift across the ages.

Yet, renewal is at hand,

across this war-torn land,

when we turn to the One above,

Who can reconcile our lives to Himself,

and absolve our sins of indifference

to both G-d and mankind.


Tears Descend

The links of time

are found in the air,

amidst the whispering wind,

and the evanescent dreams

of the angels, echoing our prayers.

These threads of gossamer

are as fragile as the memories

of our ancestors, drifting in the ether,

until they are purified of the hues

of grey, that cloud the minds

of their relatives on the earth.

Spare us from the flames of Gehenna,

in this life and the afterlife, L-rd;

that we may not be inclined

to repeat the sins of our ancestors,

nor, fail to improve ourselves,

while we have the opportunity,

for the dead perform no mitzvoth;

rather, they are only subject

to the heavenly court,

for what can no longer be undone.

May the upper waters

refresh our tired souls,

like the tears of Heaven,

falling upon the penitent.

dVerse prompt

Journey Home

We are pilgrims on this earth,

like our father, Abraham –

destined to wander, with a purpose,

only to be realized in Olam Haba.

While here,

amongst the thicket’s

tangle that ensnares the soul,

relief is at hand, before

the darkness takes its toll.

The muddied waters

will turn crystal clear,

and cloudy skies reveal the sun,

concealed behind a veil

of tears, washing gently down

from the face of G-d.

Joy, will pour forth

from the fountain of salvation,

at the heart of Israel –

as we make our way home

to the land of our forefathers,

where the Kingdom will shine

forth like 10,000 suns.

note: inspired by “Home is where you feel at home. I’m still looking,” from Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s

dVerse prompt

It’s Implicit

It’s implicitly stated

in the unwritten charter of Wokism,

that conformity is the best policy,

so as not to be cancelled out

of the new societal norms.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Explicitly stressed,

emphasized to the point of duress,

by not-so-subtle suggestions,

and coerced confessions.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Yet, there must be a way

to avoid the lure of hype,

and social contagion,

not to be swayed, into falling prey

to the herd mentality

of this pseudo-morality.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Simply stated, know who you are,

what you think, feel, and believe,

with a mind of your own,

predicated upon being an individual,

with clear, well thought-out values;

otherwise, like a marshmallow, you will melt,

 while feeding the flames of the revolution.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Like a sponge dipped into bitter waters,

you will absorb toxic ideas, not your own,

as indoctrination takes its toll,

on an unwary generation.

dVerse prompt

Awake, Arise

A certain butterfly is already on the wing.”

– Vladimir Nabokov

Because of my ailments, I groan; yet, the only relief is my awareness of the journey, soon to be made into shomayim (Heaven). The angels await, soon to descend from the clouds above, in order to carry me up into the heavenly realms, stage by stage, level by level, and into the heavenlies.

Unlike Elijah, my ascent will not be visible to the eyes of anyone, nor my family and friends. And, yet, I am comforted to know, that my son will make it known to all, since he has knowledge of these things. May my family be blessed by their understanding, as the mysteries of life and death are revealed to them. Amen.

“Unless the L-RD had been my help, my soul had soon dwelt in silence.”

– Psalm 94:17, JPS 1917 Tanach

dVerse prompt

Truth Conquers All


All of the firebrands that you have thrown at me,

have been deflected, landed in fertile soil, and,

transformed into pillars of truth to guide my life.

The blazing torches of lies, brandished in my face,

have been quenched by the streams of sanctity,

and extinguished by waters from the well of salvation.

I have been inoculated against future deception,

and strengthened against the cunning of the Great Deceiver.

I have regained my sanity in a world of chaos.


I put one foot forward each and every day of my life,

on the road towards freedom from my past bondage,

held as a mental hostage, in the lairs of my nemesis.

Yet, when you appeared, my bonds were loosened,

my nightmare ended, and new horizons emerged.

Now, carried away by the Spirit, to new vistas,

I have tread upon the tail of the serpent,

and danced amongst my people reborn.

haibun: Natural Course

Ice melts quickly here,

pavements are soon cleared of snow,

as the sun glistens.

Winter is mild as usual, here in the Southwest, on the edge of the Colorado Plateau, 7,000 feet above sea level. Here, as icicles bask in the sunlight, melting as drops return to their source, completing the cycle of precipitation.