Soul Renewal

Livin’ life without a net,

who’s to catch me if I fall,

except the One, that I met,

to Whom I’ve given my all.

Renewal of the soul,

at the beginning of the day,

quieting of the mind,

as the light fades away.

Nighttime brings its own song,

in sync with the rhythm of the heart,

reflects upon all that we long for,

dreaming of a new start.

Livin’ life without a net,

who’s to catch me if I fall,

except the One, that I met,

to Whom I’ve given my all.

Every year, the world’s tears flow

like rain from unfamiliar clouds,

until, at the first light of dawn,

we hear Your voice call us home.

Upon the wings of eagles we glide,

in time with the prophetic cue,

brought to the place where we will reside,

in our hearts, singing a new tune.

Livin’ life without a net,

who’s to catch us if we fall,

except the One, Whom we’ve met,

and given to Him our all.

As nations gather together for war,

we will rise above all the flames,

in search of the world no man can char,

the Kingdom that fell is risen again.

One vision to guide us

through the darkness of the land,

One truth to abide in,

as we perceive His guiding hand.

Livin’ life without a net,

who’s to catch us if we fall,

except the One, Who said,

I request of you, your all.

(warning: violence)

(coronation scene)

The Soul’s Beloved

L-rd, you safeguarded my soul,

even in the midst of the darkness

that seemed to consume my life,

at the time when all was lost.

Draw your servant out of the darkness,

and into the light of your sacred intentions,

that I may know what Your design is

for my soul to flourish in this world,

and the World-to-Come.

Rescue me from the fire and ice,

so that I may be free to breathe fresh air,

unhindered by the mire,

where I had previously sunk.

That every day may be

an opportunity for renewal,

as I climb higher on the divine ladder,

between Earth and Heaven.


Biding my time,
finding my way,
seeking the sublime,
en route to a brighter day.

Looking toward caelum,
in expectation of Moshiach,
Who from the angelic realm,
descends to avail us.

Awaiting the final hour,
when the veil will be lifted,
let our faces not be dour,
for we have truly been gifted.

And, if compelled to do more,
than gazing heavenward,
let us guard the days of yore,
with the intention to one day soar.

For only then, at that time,
will our dreams be realized;
everything concealed will finally be
revealed as we rise into the sky.

Tears Descend

The links of time

are found in the air,

amidst the whispering wind,

and the evanescent dreams

of the angels, echoing our prayers.

These threads of gossamer

are as fragile as the memories

of our ancestors, drifting in the ether,

until they are purified of the hues

of grey, that cloud the minds

of their relatives on the earth.

Spare us from the flames of Gehenna,

in this life and the afterlife, L-rd;

that we may not be inclined

to repeat the sins of our ancestors,

nor, fail to improve ourselves,

while we have the opportunity,

for the dead perform no mitzvoth;

rather, they are only subject

to the heavenly court,

for what can no longer be undone.

May the upper waters

refresh our tired souls,

like the tears of Heaven,

falling upon the penitent.

dVerse prompt

Searching Beyond Here


humanity is, gazing,

out into the stars, across the years.

Yearning, for more than can meet the eye,

beyond the tears of yesteryears,

and higher than the skies.

Looking, for the hidden treasure

at the end of the rainbow,

we miss the mark everyday.

As the turning point approaches,

within our own hearts, we must decide,

whether to embrace the truth within,

where the Kingdom of G-d resides,

or enslave ourselves to the perpetual pursuit

of a human made modern-day utopia,

a never-ending process of changing the world,

while ignoring the original blueprint of the design.

If we embrace our conscience,

we will be lead back to the Garden of Eden;

yet, if we integrate the ideological constructs

of this pseudo-morality into our lives,

then, we will be led astray by the serpent,

and assimilated into the collective.

We would be wise to renew our own souls,

instead of pointing the blame at society;

to lift up our gaze to the heavens,

rather than squinting our eyes at others.

Regaining our humanity begins

with an individual commitment

to live in harmony with ourselves,

and the intentions of the Designer,

by acceding to His will,

instead of our own.

Eleventh Hour

Testing area, proving ground, ultrasound,

revealing the difference between ourselves,

and who we will become in a world unbound.

As humankind approaches the final page,

in the Book of Life recorded by the Sage,

and heard by all who climb the divine ladder,

G-d will guide us along the way to freedom,

while encouraging us to not stand idle,

as the lies of man are piled high as the sky,

darkly looming over the earth’s populace;

our redemption arrives at the break of dawn.

dVerse prompt

Seek the Light

Churches, hospitals, and schools,

are these not all sacrosanct?

Synagogues, yeshivas, and kosher markets,

become battle grounds for good and evil?

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

America the home of the brave

risks in many ways, becoming

a country where the depraved

seem to give free reign to evil,

forsaking a guilt-soaked conscience,

and side-stepping any sense of reason.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

While we wait in vain for any change,

we would be better off to pray

for our own transformation within,

as well as for the moral conscience

of the melting pot of America.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Systemic sin, from the beginning,

in the Garden of Eden, takes its toll,

because it goes unnoticed in our lives,

hidden beneath layers of distractions

from what is essential in life –

to nourish the soul with truth.

© 2022

The light of redemption for humanity begins within, and spreads without, candle by candle, flame by flame, until the hearts of all mankind are alight with compassion, and a sense of justice, for harmony to prevail. Even so, most will choose not to follow this path, and the wicked will continue to be wicked, as the righteous continue to pursue righteousness. This may appear to be a bleak reality; however, I believe that it is important to acknowledge the existence of both good and evil in the world.

Where is hope? Hope may be found in the promises of G-d to enlighten our eyes to the truth. For, there will be no hundredth monkey effect, nor Omega Point of unification, until Heaven smiles upon us from Above. Neither will there be a utopia brought about by man through technology, nor a peace brokered by world leaders, until the final battle of good and evil, whereof good will triumph. So, for myself, I will seek to remain in the light and look Above for the answer. Until then, love my neighbor as myself, unmask the lies in the world, and seek to be a light in a world of darkness.

Dedicated to the victims and injured in Tulsa, Oklahoma;

to the innocent lives lost in Uvalde;

and to the lives lost in Bufalo, New York.

Additionally, to the lives taken in Ukraine by a merciless foe,

and all of the victims of the recent terror attacks in Israel.

May their memory be a blessing.”

Topsy Turvey World

It’s a topsy-turvy world,

from the point of view of heaven,

wherein all that is being unfurled,

is as pervasive as leaven.

The angels lament, over the years,

of decline amongst humankind,

asking, where are the hidden tears

of compassion for us to find?

Time to transcend

all of the fortuitous evil

that was befriended,

unknowingly in this upheaval.

The pandemic released more than a virus;

the greater malaise is spiritual,

wreaking havoc and chaos

amongst souls immaterial.

I will stand in the truth

of heavenly values divine,

created to serve as a bedrock of faith,

against all that is a lie.

The emunah of my ancestors

will help me to follow through,

steering a course in turbulent waters

of magnificent oceans blue.

© 2022

Doubly Real

I browse the menu;

yet, I do not permit,

nor allow myself to order.

I’d rather, have a glass of wine,

and try to convince myself

that everything is fine

as my friends would often say,

“Not.” One cannot ignore

the truth of reality.

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

We live in a broken world –

do you disagree with this assessment?

Unless we recognize the brokenness

within ourselves, then, we will fail to see

the condition of reality all around us.

Browse the news on the Internet,

after gaining the ability to see.

dVerse prompt

additional quadrille for the reader’s perusal

© 2022

On the Brink

“Into Creator Spirit’s deep embrace, knowing no effort earns that all-surrounding grace.” – Denise Levertov, The Avowal

Creation, subjected to degradation,

cries out in expectation of renewal,

as do we, hidden within our imperfection,

that we have brought upon ourselves.

Unknowingly, we would like to think,

humankind has borne its own demise;

yet, the wise know better than this,

for our fallen nature competes

against our best intentions.

Before we are brought to disgrace,

we must transcend our lower instincts,

lest we descend into the animal kingdom,

our conscience singed with pride.

Stewards of the earth, our responsibilities

towards G-d’s Creation are clear;

yet, how can we enact this role,

if we no longer merit to have been created

as the crown of Creation?

Let us not master, but be mastered

by the One Whose divine blueprint

will guide us through the darkness.