Harmony of Opposites

tiferes – harmony, beauty, peace, sanctity

Sometimes life may seem
like a high-wire balancing act,
without a safety net.
We juggle in mid-air,
all of the peoples stares,
we imagine upon us.

When we realize
that no one has perfected
themselves to the extent
wherein harmony reigns,
constantly within and without,
we can accept the nuances
inherent in our existential walk,
across time, from one year to another,
while harmonizing the opposites
of our personalities, with the help
of Providence & Divine Insight.

In consideration of the nearly polar opposites of chesed (loving-kindness) and gevurah (judgment), tiferes (harmony) has the potential to infuse these two “emotional attributes,” into a blend of synergistic harmony that has as its substance, the beauty of moderation, balance, and right amounts of the elements necessary, to bring about reconciliation with all things.

This is why tiferes, seems to me, to be akin to ahavah (love); although, it is traditionally associated with compassion. Incidentally, what is the relationship between love and compassion? Todd Rundgren sang that love without compassion is nil. “Even love has turned bad, [if] it was love without compassion” (Todd Rundgren, Compassion). Is there any truth to be found in his claim?

There is self-love, love of objects (especially our own possessions), love of pleasure, and love of the merely satisfying as opposed to love of virtue. Compassion permits us to love others with a certain degree of selflessness, and has the ability to negate our selfishness, and break down the separateness between ourselves and others. Something for the world to consider…


Dreaming of Potential

“In the desert, you can remember your name
‘Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.”

– A Horse With No Name, by America

In the desert of my life,

when all of the pain and strife,

drifted like dust, behind me on the path,

I began to see the light at last.

And, yet, it is not as you might think,

as if I was brought to the brink,

of my trials and tribulations,

only to find instant redemption.

Rather, the light exposes the darkness,

gradually, within the soul of the penitent with finesse,

bringing understanding in its wake,

to the disillusioned, yet, sated heart.

In my lowliness, I began to see

all of what has been plaguing me;

so, that each pathogen may be brought into the light

for scrutiny under the gaze of G-d’s brightness.

Instead of abandoning my past in denial,

I become transformed through all that is vile

in my personality, turning into its opposite,

like toxic negativity being replaced by virtue.

Guiding Light

If you turn toward the deserts

that have been deprived of rain;

if you step outside of the garden,

instead of singing the divine refrain;

if you cast off the yoke of heaven,

and enter the highways and byways;

if you stray from the narrow path of life,

and travel along the broad way;

following the herd along the beaten road,

instead of taking the road less travelled;

if you give in to the demands of the yetzer hara,

rather than following the promptings of the godly soul;

where will you be led by your own desires,

when you do not seek out what is good?

—– —– —– —– —– —–

If you do not avoid evil, and do what is right,

then what destiny will await you ahead?

Rather, turn toward G-d through teshuvah,

foster a change of heart that will encompass

all that you think, say and do in life;

Then, your world will appear anew,

and return to its original state.

For the things of this world shall not lead us askew,

they are meant to be used in tandem

with the guidelines of moderation,

and the devotion due to Elokim;

lifted up to a place of no regrets,

our hearts are meant to be focused on Him,

so that we may walk in His footsteps.