Renewal of the Soul

During taschlich, the ducks are floating,

and quietly quacking in nasal dissonance.

Yet, the scene is tranquil overall.

—– —– —–

At some point,

most of the ducks have gone elsewhere…

the only sign of their presence, a ripple of water,

concentric circles moving out from the center,

where bubbles are rising to the surface

from below the otherwise still pond.

—– —– —–

Natural submersibles,

these humble creatures of G-d are content,

diving for their sustenance in the niche,

wherein they have been placed.

—– —– —–

Unlike many of us humans,

constantly searching for

something beyond our boundaries,

whether self-imposed,

like a box of our own construction,

or the existential limitations

that we are all faced with,

throughout our journey.

—– —– —–

Symbolically, our sins are cast

into the pond today, a reminder

of the promise of forgiveness,

that we may be renewed in the moment,

even as we make that first effort

to seek renewal of the soul,

at the beginning of the year.

Sweetness of the Soul

Prepare mind and heart,

bring awareness to center;

stillness in the soul.

As Rosh HaShannah approaches, preparations abound, beginning with the inner focus – searching the soul. This search began thirty days prior, with the sounding of the shofar every morning, awakening the soul to the awesome approach of the King.

The task at hand is to condition the mind to root out evil and sin. For those like myself, ba’al teshuvah, who were not raised observant, nor had the values of Torah inculcated in them, since an early age, the continual “pulling out of weeds,” if left to grow, would only cause the soul to become entangled in gashmiyos again. G-d forbid.

Heavenly Sight

Flowers for the eye of the beholder to treasure,

while temporarily visiting the unseen world,

as described in a near-death experience,

of someone who was given a second chance.

Imagine seeing heavenly light gleaming

upon a panorama of uniquely designed flora,

not otherwise seen anywhere on this planet.

Wouldn’t this pique your interest,

and, fill you with a sense of wonder?

The Afterlife may beckon inquiry;

yet, to those who have been granted

a glimpse of this world,

on the other side of existence,

a favorable impression of waits ahead,

will motivate the soul,

when returned to the body,

to live a better life,

and share one’s best intentions

with the rest of Creation.

poetry prompt from Eugi’s Causerie

Entropy & Renewal

Across the ages, the wisest of sages

have procured a plan to restore

our fractured souls to a harmonious condition.

So, that in harmony with ourselves,

and the environment around us,

we can partake of the fruits of Gan Eden.

The original blueprint of Creation,

based upon G-d’s design was a grand masterpiece,

that in the beginning, contained all the glory of heaven.

Yet, when our unity with the Creator was shattered,

entropy entered into the picture, as death and decay

became a reality, previously unknown.

Today, out of sync, with the point of origin,

mankind has arrived at an impasse,

between ourselves and our Creator.

The delicate balance of ecosystems,

on the surface of this blue sphere

have been impacted by our neglect.

We were entrusted as stewards of the earth;

yet, our fallen nature has caused us to be blind,

to the interconnectivity of all things.

The renewal of our souls is primary,

to regain our sense of humanity,

and return to the sanctity of the Garden.

note: While reading the earthweal prompt, I was inspired to write an essay. That essay may be found here: Stardust. I made an effort to carry over the themes from my essay to the poem above; although, the poem is unique in and of itself.