Renewal on the Horizon

creative image by Lee Madgwick


amidst the broken-down dreams

of a nation bereft of its heritage and pride,

amongst the scattered ruins of a once thriving

society of angels and men, seeking harmony,

lies the spark within, the light of renewal

that will bring home the downtrodden,

who still carry faith in their hearts,

and walk with the strides of righteousness,

alongside the saints of olden times,

who have not forgotten their G-d above,

nor their moral responsibilities below

on an earth that teeters and totters,

reels and shakes from the revolution

of an immense proportion

that spins the globe into chaos.

In the distant future,

when the angels fly overhead,

we will be lifted into the air,

only to be resettled in Paradise.

© 2022 all rights reserved

dVerse prompt

Nothing New

“There is nothing new under the sun.”

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9, ESV

All that has been done, can be undone by swift destruction. Yet, the most promising realities are formed from virtues made of gold. The refiner’s fire will test the soul of the faithful, as darkness takes its toll upon this world. And the powers that be will try to create something new – a promise of a manmade utopia. Transcendent visions await those who hold out for something beyond this mundane world that will arrive in due time, before the end. Look, to the Heavens.

Nothing new can be created out of the ashes of the old.”

Human nature remains the same across the ages; so, human errors, faults, and foibles will still be part of the equation. No amount of seeking our oppressors outside of ourselves, as if social justice can be bought upon the condemnation of others, without examining ourselves, will avail mankind for the sake of the common good. Rather, all totalitarian movements have begun this way, and end in dystopia. Those who claim to be Woke are asleep, lacking awareness of the true culprit inside each and every one of us – we must battle against our own negative inclinations, in order to transcend evil.

© 2022 all rights reserved

dVerse prompt

Crackling Flames

If I could hear the silence of the night,

and listen to the sounds, when all is quiet,

I would be soothed to sleep by the stillness

of the earth, sky, and nearby forests.

Yet, this is a rare and precious treat,

that I am not often blessed with from Above;

for some reason or another,

I am mostly subject to bothersome

levels of music, television,

and other disturbances,

such as the return of my neighbors

after closing time at the bars,

around two a.m.

I would rather be an owl in a tree,

or an eagle in the sky;

yet, I humbly accept my predicament,

and patiently wait to be delivered

from my current circumstances.

Meanwhile, if there was quietude,

then, perhaps I would be able to hear

the crackling of the nighttime flames,

and the consumption of the fire,

as it consumes the pine tree forests

alongside the San Francisco Peaks.

earthweal prompt