Ad mosai, how much longer until your arrival? We wait in anticipation, of redemption for our nation; the news of your presence will ripple out to the world. All the trees will sing out praise, for the time has come. The entire earth will break forth in joy, singing along with the blue jays. Let … Continue reading “Anticipation”

New Babylon – part two

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ The Fourth Industrial Revolution claims to offer freedom from the mechanization that began in the early 1800’s, as depicted later, in Modern Times, within the framework of society’s embrace of the factory system. Yet, the question remains whether humankind is bound to be gradually enslaved within the technocracy, in accordance … Continue reading “New Babylon – part two”

New Babylon

Heaven sent the soul, brought together DNA, guided our footsteps; created for a purpose, according to the L-RD’s will. The individuality of each and every person on earth is guaranteed through a unique soul, like a snowflake, without any other made in the same way. We were never meant to be cogs in wheel, like … Continue reading “New Babylon”