“He looketh in through the windows, he peereth through the lattice.” – Song of Songs 2:9, JPS 1917 Tanach A glimpse of the Shechinah, within her castle, as she peers out on occasion during the day; is this not the goal of all mystics, who seek only to find for a moment, this brief reward?Continue reading “Lattice”


“I wound, and I heal.” – Deuteronomy 32:9 “I am the bud and the blossom, I am the late-falling leaf.” – Paul Dunbar, the Paradox We are Thy glory, when we follow in Thy footsteps; yet, when we miss the opportunity to do good, in all likelihood, we might go astray. Nevertheless, in every moment,Continue reading “Metamorphosis”

Singular Path

I have called you to Myself;here, is your place of origin. Knowledge, wisdom, and the truthabound in great measue for you. If you will only uphold the dream;return to yourself in prayer.

Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul