Soul Journey

Every time my burden becomes too heavy to bear, I’m led beyond the Jordan, to a place where You appear. Lifted up above the surrounding waters, that yesterday engulfed my soul, I am steadfastly gaining ground, as I make my way home. This path that leads me through the darkness of the night, reveals the … Continue reading “Soul Journey”

The Stone

Many places, arrived at by life’s choices, concretized in time, once a decision’s made. A multitude of possibilities, cast aside, in favor of the one, that changes everything. A blanket of snow in winter, covers all growth, that has since decayed. Spring brings renewal to the heart and mind; consolation to the cobwebs of the … Continue reading “The Stone”

It’s Implicit

It’s implicitly stated in the unwritten charter of Wokism, that conformity is the best policy, so as not to be cancelled out of the new societal norms. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Explicitly stressed, emphasized to the point of duress, by not-so-subtle suggestions, and coerced confessions. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ Yet, there must be a way to avoid … Continue reading “It’s Implicit”