Scintillating, dazzling, spectacular, vision on display for the children, who gather around to ponder in awe, the glowing orb in the sky, like a pinwheel. My wayward friend, amongst the crowd, hears a heavenly voice say, “I am G-d.” Yet, convinced as he seems to be of his newfound reality, I inwardly lament. For, evenContinue reading “Vision”

soul journey

A soul, satiated, not with the pleasures of the world, nor the intoxication of life; rather, content with the taste of love from Above, no longer running in haste, away from His treasure trove. A mind, relaxed, permitting everything to unfold, without succumbing to strife; passing opportunities by, in favor of the everlasting; for theContinue reading “soul journey”

Beyond Words

I am not a prayerbook,nor a relic from the past,collecting dust on a shelf. I am a portal into the spiritual world,a doorway that opens up to your soul,a pathway to the higher realms. I am an ageless, ancient collectionof words that ring true with every read,an everlasting source of inspiration. I am an interactiveContinue reading “Beyond Words”

Breathing Inspiration

poetry for the soul