Perfect Day

The conception of the world began in a moment, sparking the beginning of time, galvanizing matter, bringing order out of chaos, as the universe expanded. Then the original light of the world was spoken into existence by the Creator, Who also separated between light and darkness. Let us understand, that this light appeared before the…

Divine Preservation

Salt and pepper, addictive seasonings, reserved for minimal use. Crystal granules – for Shabbos challah, preservative of the Covenant. And, spicey crushed peppercorns, to assimilate fresh turmeric, combined with ginger, over coconut milk, plus four tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil, to preserve proper brain functioning. dVerse prompt

Soul Renewal

The chasm opens wide,as we drift further apart,knowing that the distancebetween us can only decrease,by a reconciliation that neither of uscan imagine for now.My Guide will lead me to Gan Eden,while you remain distant,unable to hear the call.Yet, I pray every dayfor your redemption -the renewal of your soul.